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What happened to Sophie's curse?

In the book, the spell In fact, Howl Also, in the book, Sophie In Ghibli's version, I think he shows her As for the end... Miyazaki might have kept her
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Are there any resources about the inspirations of Miyazaki in making Howl's Moving Castle?

I don't think this book has anything about Howl's Moving Castle in particular, but Starting Point: 1979 - 1996, written by Hayao Miyazaki himself, and translated by Beth Cary and Frederik L. Schodt, ...
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Why did Sophie and Howl spare the Witch of the Waste?

I would like to make it clear in the beginning that I am going to be presenting my answer on the basis of English dubbed version of the movie of ‘Howl’s moving Castle.' Sophie and Howl both had ...
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Was Hin (Madam Suliman's pet) a spy or a prisoner who wanted to get freedom?

Hin (or Heen as written by the US localization) is Madame Sulliman's dog. We know this because Sulliman tells Sophie this directly. Sophie: That's not your dog, is it? Sulliman: His name is Heen. He'...
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What is the age of The Witch of the Waste in Howl's Moving Castle?

Not sure if the wiki would help, it already has good information. Regarding your question, strictly based on the web info, 273 years old.
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