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IDENTIFICATION REQUESTS ARE NOW OFF-TOPIC, AND THIS TAG HAS BEEN BLACKLISTED. For questions which ask about the identification of an anime/manga series or what series a particular character from one, using a description of specific elements (like a characters or a song).

This tag is blacklisted and will be removed as per this meta post.

Identification questions are off-topic, because they tend to attract low-quality and low-effort posts. The community has decided to no longer support these questions. Please refer to this meta post for additional details.

This tag is for questions which ask for help in identifying an anime, manga, or characters by means of a description or other specific elements (like a character or song).

Do not ask identification questions about multiple different anime/manga/etc. at once. These questions are too broad and are not permitted on Anime.SE.

Do not ask identification questions where the only information you have is a screenshot or other image. Instead, see this post: Where is this picture from? How do I use Reverse Image Search to find the source of an anime/manga image?.

This tag should not be used for questions involving the identification of a piece of music within a specific series. Use the tag for the series in question instead.

Identification request should not be used with any series tag.