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Not only India, but they are not released in many other countries, too. You can also compare in IMDb: for The Last: Naruto the Movie, it was not released in UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, etc, but Western animation does cover those countries as well. Anime are not as popular as American animations globally, not everybody knows about it. For the case of Naruto, ...


All DTH providers in India have delisted Animax, as the channel couldn't pay carriage fees. But you can watch it on cable on Hathway Channel 324 Fastway Channel 381 DigiCable Channel 278 Kerala Vision Digital TV Channel 158


You can buy manga On Amazon Also, Paperback Volumes are also available online and in select bookstores. Especially in Metros. I for one buy many manga in the annual Comicon. Get promotional discounts and goodies. Several Volumes are available as Kindle Edition. So I think thats what ...


One site you can use is Amazon.In, although I'm not sure of the range of Naruto volumes they seem to have most of them for about ₹299.00 each. These are in English rather than Hindi.


This answer is based on my opinion and backed up with a few facts. So I can't say I'm sure that this is the reason. Firstly, it's Animax India and not Animax Asia. It's different from the Animax in different Asian countries but is probably similar to the Animax in Singapore and Pakistan. This is what I understand from the articles on Animax Asia and Animax ...


I want to update this answer that Tata Sky has taken up Animax back into its Kids channel package at a cost of 65 Rupees a month. I think this is a very useful information for all Anime fans in India. I do hope this information will give some boost to the Anime scene in India.

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