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Can I purchase manga online from the Kindle store?

You can buy manga On Amazon http://www.amazon.in/Comics-Mangas-Books/b?ie=UTF8&node=1318104031 Also, Paperback Volumes are also available online and in select bookstores. Especially in Metros. I ...
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How to watch anime in India legally?

Muse Asia is now streaming anime for free via YouTube in Asia And There are about 120 shows offered on Crunchyroll in India with 160 on Netflix and about 30 through Amazon Prime. but crunchy roll is ...
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Why did Animax Asia stop telecasting Naruto Shippuden in India?

This answer is based on my opinion and backed up with a few facts. So I can't say I'm sure that this is the reason. Firstly, it's Animax India and not Animax Asia. It's different from the Animax in ...
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Can the Naruto manga be ordered in India?

Besides Amazon mentioned in Toshinou Kyouko's answer, Naruto volumes are also available online on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Sapna Online. Naruto volumes are also available at a few (offline) bookstores, ...
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On which DTH operator can I get Animax channel in India?

I want to update this answer that Tata Sky has taken up Animax back into its Kids channel package at a cost of 65 Rupees a month. I think this is a very useful information for all Anime fans in India....
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