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In this context, jiken (事件) means "incident" or "case". The full picture indicates tamago jiken which literally means "the egg incident" where a chick is killed due to the egg getting cracked. There might not be any deeper meaning considering Oda's nature of humor.


It's 四代目火影 (Yondaime Hokage, lit. "Fourth Fire Shadow") since Minato was the 4th Hokage of Konohagakure.


EDIT: Rarely. 百合 is more common. The other two seem to be A) part of people's names or B) Lily flowers. A few searches on google, amazon or any eshop will give you a rough idea. Just a language note, any word in Hiragana can be written in Katakana. Katakana can be used for emphasis or italics purposes (often loan words but not necessarily).

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