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I searched for the answer too but couldn't find anything. I am not sure, but according to my assumption and observation, Iida uses 'kun' because he's trying hard to speak in a more informal way instead of using sophisticated words as he doesn't want others to know that he is a rich guy and be called a "Rich boy". I mean, you see as Momo is also ...


Some Japanese women do use "Boku" which is masculine. Some prefer "Atashi" which is feminine. This is often a reflection of their personality (ex: one who may deviate from strict social norms). My understanding of this character, as someone who has never seen the show, is that she is mischievous, playful, and outspoken. These traits ...


As creator of the term weeb. Weeb means exactly the same thing as weeaboo. I only did it to shorten the spelling. Nothing more.


Daniel has the best answer for this, but while boku is mainly used by males, women do use it as well. Some examples from "real life" in these Vtubers: Nekomata Okayu Kanata Amane


I don't know if it has to do with the translation "boku no" or "僕の" going to mean "my" but not "myself". It might have to do with that.


According to the Heroes Wiki page on Zero Two, Being born as artificial human hybrid ... She refers herself as "Boku" instead of "Watashi" or "Atashi". She uses it because she mimicks how Hiro refers himself. This would make sense because Zero Two did not receive much care as a child, as she was just continuously experimented ...

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