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You could but in a fight it may feel extra painful to do so or if a stand has hold of their stand I do not believe it can be taken back example 1 kakyoins heirophant green got stuck in strength in stardust crusaders


Bucciarati seperated Mario Zucchero's head earlier in the manga with seemingly no effect on his body ¹ Bucciarati also seperated his own body into parts earlier in the same arc which stopped his blood circulation ² He chose the second option when he ripped Pesci apart. He also beat him to death (which would explain all the blood). After throwing the parts to ...


The purpose of the torture dance was a weird thing revolving around something special. If you look at the art that comes in the dance, it indicates Narancia's, Mista's, and Fugo's stands tormenting Mario Zucchero. Narancia Ghirga-Aerosmith The art in the cut-scene indicates Aerosmith's bullets shooting towards him Mista Guido-Sex Pistols The art ...


If you felt like you were being punched in the stomach would you be able to run. The answer is no because you would be in pain it is kinda like that for stands as stands are a physical manifestation of the soul. Also removing your stand in the middle of a fight would be suicide for example hanged man and emperor did damage to people's actual bodies without ...

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