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How did "other world" or "isekai" stories gain so much popularity and where do they have their roots?

Isekai: The genre that took over modern anime is a video by Gigguk that, while amusing, also covers a lot of the actual history. Essentially, the idea of being pulled into another world is at least as ...
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What sparked the trend of slightly long dark-haired loner-ish protagonists in light novels?

Let's analyze this using protagonist of some Japanese light novels. Let's start with those you mentioned in the question. I'm excluding Basara of Shinmai since I don't watch the anime nor read the LN. ...
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What was the first anime/manga/light novel to accurately represent Japanese school life?

As far as anime go, how about... The Kabocha Wine (1982) Not sure if this is accurate enough for you, but it's the first anime about school life that doesn't involve aliens or stuff along those lines ...
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