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How is it that non reliable mangakas get work again and again?

Business-wise, that is not very important because as long as these mangaka still sells, publishing companies would still like to sign a deal with them. To stop these kinds of mangaka from keep having ...
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How does a mangaka get paid?

To answer this question, we need to take in account the several factors that will decide how and how much they are paid: The number of pages drawn for each issues (20 pages or more). The regularity ...
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Can a mangaka continue another mangaka's manga?

Yes, it can. It is usually up to the publisher if they want to pursue continuing a series, depending on who owns the rights (family member tend to have a say in it as well). Note that for HotD, the ...
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What percentage of mangakas are females?

A recent survey conducted by Mannavi in November 2021 found that about 77% of mangakas are female. However, the survey only covered a total of 723 responses, so it may not necessarily reflect reality.
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Does this tweet really exist that indicates that Attack on Titan is about to end?

Hajime Isayama has mentioned a few times about ending the Attack on Titan series, but there's no official statement about ending it in 2018. One of the earliest was in 2013 when he discussed the ...
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Why do some mangaka like Ishida Sui have a mysterious air?

There are plenty of reasons why any figure would hide his identity. Manga is a big deal in Japan and thus many authors try to hide their identity, especially before they are popular. On a side note, ...
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Why do the female characters from One Piece have the same skinny hourglass figure?

If you read the SBS segments of the manga, you can get an understanding of why. It is Eiichiro Oda's preference to draw women with an hourglass figure. Oda has repeatedly dismissed/ignored criticism ...
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Are there any female mangaka pretending to be a male?

The creator of Full Metal Alchemist, Hiromi Arakawa pretended to be a male for a while as she was worried her being a female would give her less credit and readers. She originally called herself ...
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Why are most mainstream comic books about superheroes while mainstream manga covers multiple genres?

You're comparing apples with Ferraris here. Western comics as we consume them place more of an emphasis on the characters themselves as their selling point and charm, which is the chief reason that ...
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Are there male mangaka who do shoujo manga?

The answer is trivially yes. I offer as evidence Himitsu no Akko-chan (quite a seminal work in its genre), which is written by AKATSUKA Fujio, who is by all appearances a man. People of all genders ...
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Are there listing sites or databases that include or even focus on European manga authors?

The anime database aniSearch also features manga and includes countries outside of Asia. Filtered for France as country of origin You can filter for other countries by going to Search Filter>Basics&...
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Can a mangaka continue another mangaka's manga?

Yes, it's possible but isn't easy... If the first mangaka is still alive. Then he/she needs to find someone willing to finish his/her manga, also the publisher needs to agree as well. Then it's ...
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Is writing a manga more similar to writing a screenplay than writing a traditional comic book or even a western graphic novel?

While I don't have any screenwriters to cite, the answer is no. Here is the reason: Manga is written and published as a serial, the superstructure of the story is highly subject to change as the ...
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