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No, Midoriya later on asks Allmight about the same issue and he is told that the quirk can only be passed down if the user wishes to and cannot be stolen Source:


I think we might have an answer for this,


No he can not. Unlike the One for All quirk it was stated that All for One is something that can't be passed on. All for One is something that the person keeps. This is also why the person that had/has All for One named is All for One. this was shown in the second season, and as for the naming part is in the third or fourth season.


First of all, not all Nomu have their so-called brains exposed. Their description hints that they are "mindless" soldiers that need specific orders to function. Only the High-Tier ones have the capability to think for themselves. On the same note, you could wonder why they don't target the eyes of Nomu. On one hand, giving that they all have ...


Just to clarify the paradox thing. You do realise that just because she reverts someones body back to a previous version of there timeline or out of existence entirely this does not equate to any form of time line manipulation. The persons body may revert but it doesn't remove that person from the past. However the obvious thing is, if her powers were true ...


you can find all 4 current Seasons on Crunchy Roll. I believe they are all English Subbed however only checked one episode of Season 3. Be aware that Crunchy Roll does employ Geoblocking on some series. i am in Australia, not using a VPN and am not being blocked so availability might depend on where you are and current licencing agreements


I can think of a few possible reasons why this would have happened. Izuku's mother assumed that he developed his ability at some point, but chose not to use it often due to its side effects. In this case, she may not have mentioned it, realizing it may be a sensitive subject. Izuku has a very close relationship with his mother, and people with these types ...

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