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In which episodes does Madara Uchiha make an appearance?

According to fandom wiki (and to me who checked that he was actually there), Madara's first appearence in anime is in Naruto: Shippuden episode 130. If we follow the main plot, he appears in Itachi's ...
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What are the Naruto hand seals based on?

Naruto hand signs or seals are based on something called Mudra. Mudra originated from Yogic Philosophy because they would use Mudra for meditation or other symbolic reasons. Mudra were used to help ...
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Did Obito let Kakashi win?

Obito does NOT have the same abilities as Pain. The only Rinnegan ability Obito has is to summon the Gedo statue. This, him having only one eye Rinnegan, he mentioned he doesn't have enough chakra to ...
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What were Zabuza's political objectives in staging a coup?

Zabuza used to be one of the 7 legendary swordsmen of mist. He was loyal with their kage until he got to know about their dark intentions to misuse them. He was patriotic to his nation and this ...
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