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This was actually addressed shortly after this episode came out by the anime team, and i quote "what was that Poneglyph in the cave where zoro chopper and luffy fell into?" Kōnosuke Uda "how did that get there, zoro's luck led him to the poneglyph that tells the history of Alabasta"


In anime, we are shown Luffy knocking out Arlong, after that it's assumed all of his crew is taken to Navy prisons but in the Impel Down arc, we don't see Arlong. Luffy believes and like people who are really passionate about achieving their goal, even if they are his enemies. It is seen clearly, as Luffy always gives them a second chance to get better and ...


In the Paramount War Arc, right before the time skip, Rayleigh says that Haki doesn't require any stamina, and Rayleigh says that Haki gets better as the user gets stronger.


I feel that Zoro would be first mate because usually the first mate is the closest in power to the captain, in this case, that would be Zoro.


If he drowned, then his powers would still work as IG_42 stated, but if he touched seaprism stone and was killed, he wouldn't come back, because as seen when trapped by Crocodile, the bars were made of seaprism stone and Luffy's powers were disabled.


I think it wasn't that he ran out willpower, but remember when Luffy was fighting Rob Lucci in the Impel Down Arc, after gear 3 he grew smaller. He said the reason that happened was because his body needed balance, therefore, his body had a major drawback after a major boost which was his body shrinking after growing large. My theory is that the 4th Gear is ...


he awakened his extended vision on Enies Lobby Arc when giving the keys to Franky and then notices the attacks of the 5 in slo motion


As per the one piece fandom wikia there is only a single dragon ball crossover with toriko and two more episode with the toriko in anime. There is a collaborative work from both the writers of respective manga called cross epoch featuring dragon ball and one piece. References:


So far in the series, we have not had any instances where seastone was directly broken apart, whether with brute force or with a weapon like a sword. In cases where characters like Robin or Ace were restrained with seastone handcuffs, they were unlocked using the keys. Whether it can be done remains an open question, as we have seen both Zoro and Mihawk cut ...

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