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The mind-reading is implied, but not unequivocally asserted. We see him see right through her feigned powerlessness, telling her with no uncertainty that he knows she had more than enough power to deal with the problem that was at hand, then approach Tatsumaki, place his hand on her head in a reassuring-a-child-by-patting-their-head manner, assure her she ...


The origins of her powers are presently unknown, so in that sense that's all that can be said about your question. She's known to have had them since a young age, if not since birth. Her sister also has exceptional power, but Tatsumaki's is just so ridiculous that she puts it to shame. So possibly she is just the winner of the psychic genetic lottery. We ...


Saitama is a one punch wonder so he often beats monsters with only One Punch so till now he is finding an opponent who is worthy of his caliber to bring out his 100% of his power until then he feels his normal punches would be used for best to kill any type of human or monster


As of what I have witnessed so far I could say this about Blast: So, yes he has that power which can overthrow all of the S class Hero's combined.

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