The title Punchline in Japanese パンチライン contains the terminology [パンチラ]{Panchira}, which means "the instant of miracle granted by the god of chance when the panty becomes partially visible" according to Nico Nico Pedia, or simply panty-shot according to Wikipedia. This is inline with the theme of the show, where the main protagonist has to avoid all those ...


Since it is an original anime series, there is little canon material outside the videos themselves. So lets attempt to delve into Yuuta's psyche using another strongly male-self-identifed character: Ranma Saotome. Ranma could change back into a boys' body, but nowhere in the whole series he got turned on by his own female body. There were times when he was ...


Based on their hairstyles, they seem to be (from left to right) Lovera, Ito (undyed), Mika, Yuta (technically a female), and Meika.

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