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There are sites like Funimation and AnimeLab to watch. Or try to change your vpn to check again to see if it is available on Crunchroll. But if you want to try pirated websites, and 9anime is worth to try. Though watch out for ads.


I feel you. Copyright restrictions are stupid. They are complex and vary from country to country. The copyright owners apparently only licensed Crunchyroll to air this show in certain countries, Germany not one of them. Get a refund from Crunchyroll. And try Netflix. Attack on Titan is available on Netflix Germany.


He’s reading a manga- as pointed out by Sakura in episode 72; the point is that the show Naruto is trying to help people (and other mangas) understand human emotion. Like literally watch the show/ read Naruto manga and understand that the show is getting across that we are all different and suffering and lonely and want to be acknowledged. Each character ...

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