If you read the message translated more literally, it is not quite so scary-sounding: 「劇中に登場する個人名・団体名などはすべて架空のものですが、酪農については、食と命に関わるテーマとして事実に基づいて表現を心がけています。モデルとなった場所や施設を訪問する行為は、動物の疫病を引き起こす等の原因ともなりえる危険な行為です。」 "All personal names and organizations that appear in this program are fictional, however, regarding dairy farms, [we are] committed to ...


This panel is from Silver Spoon, chapter 92, page 13. Okawa is at a graduation ceremony and is refusing to accept the diploma, causing others to force him into taking it.       Image credit: MangaReader


I figured some further research on my part wouldn't hurt: From a combination of checking the list of volumes and episodes, rereading the Yahoo Answers question I referred to earlier, looking at Baka-Updates, and looking through the relevant parts of the manga, it seems that: The first "season" goes up to chapter 31, which is about up to the first half of ...

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