Sometimes, authors give their take on how their series' title is to be translated, this seems like a case of a "google translation" of the title on part of the author (It's awfully common). "Soredemo" can be translated as "still" or "even so" depending on which is more grammatically correct, "Sekai wa utsukushii" translates to "(the) world is beautiful." ...


It covers the first 19 chapters. Japanese Wikipedia has a list of the episodes including the corresponding manga chapters: Episode 1: Original, Chapter 1 Episode 2: Chapter 1 Episode 3: Chapter 1, 2 Episode 4: Chapter 4, 5 Episode 5: Chapter 5, 6 Episode 6: Chapter 3 Episode 7: Chapter 7, 8 Episode 8: Chapter 9, 10 Episode 9: Chapter ...


It leaves off at chapter 19 so you want to start on chapter 20.

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