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How many girls does the main character conquer?

13 - 18, depending on what you count as a conquest. The wiki front page lists 18 girls as “captured targets”. Thirteen girls were “conquered” according to the initial setup: there was a hole in ...
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Third time Katsuragi went to Dezini Park?

I don't blame you for missing it; it took me about half an hour of hunting through the chapters and summaries on the Wikia to figure out that this was Keima's first visit to Dezeni Sea: This comes ...
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What is the meaning behind the anime title "The World God only Knows"?

I think it means "the world only god knows". "God only knows" is an old way of language. So, I infer that since the setting (plot device) of this anime is about "capturing girls" , it is sort of a ...
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Who is this person from commercial break "The World God Only Knows" manga?

That is a famous advertisement for Oronamin C. The advertise ment is very iconic and most readers would know where it is from, similar to the Uncle Sam ads in the United Stats. In the World Only God ...
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Did Elsie catch the runaway spirit (kaketama) that was in Nagase Jun?

Not sure if it's ever shown in anime but in manga we see Elsie caught it. From manga, The World God Only Knows, chapter 42 "A Demon That's Tiny = The Little Devil", page 15.
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Does Keima's mother know Elsie and/or Haqua's real identity?

I'm not aware of any further canon details or Word of God explanations, though I won't guarantee the latter doesn't exist. There would be a difference between "knows her true identity, ie that she ...
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What did Elsie type at the first try?

Dimitri mx's answer has explained about the origin of the screen: it is Dragon Quest 2's password input screen. As to why she mistypes, the input was actually part of a real, valid DQ2 password that'...
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