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Are any animation studios open to the public for tours?

If you go to the Studio Ghibli Museum you can see a couple of films that Hayao Miyazaki made exclusively for the museum itself. He also sometimes stops by and is a gentle and well spoken man. My ...
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Is there a particular café that does anime coffee art?

One of the latte art cafés has started putting watermarks on their images, now I can tell everyone about this amazing place, which is the source of a lot of the images currently circulating Belcorno ...
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To which Singaporean building does the one in this still correspond?

According to this wikia page and evident by photographs, it is the Raffles Hotel.
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Where does the manga Otoyomegatari take place?

If you are not already aware, the series is set in 19th century Central Asia. The culture is without a doubt Turkic. The main setting of the story is explicitly mentioned to be a rural village near ...
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Where is this statue on horseback from?

I believe it's the Imperial General Staff Headquarters. (Photo from Geospatial Information Authority of Japan for comparison below. Similar images in the postcards scanned in the link.) As for the ...
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What is the most likely real world location for the Mihama Academy if it really existed?

Looking around in Google Maps, I have determined two likely locations for Mihama Academy. Starting in Mishima, because of the name of Mishima Cape in the VN and anime, I found a lake on the south end ...
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