Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical RPG series first released on PlayStation 3. The first game received an anime adaptation in 2009 while the third game received an OVA adaptation in 2011.

Valkyria Chronicles (戦場のヴァルキュリア - Gallian Chronicles, Senjō no Varukyuria - Gallian Chronicles lit. Battlefield Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles) is a tactical RPG originally released for PS3 in 2008.

The game is set in a fiction version of 1935 Europe called Europa. A cease fire between the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance (AKA The Empire) and the Atlantic Federation formed at the end of the First Europan War (EW1) is torn up when the scarcity of Ragnite, a multi-purpose mineral used for fuel and medicine, prompts The Empire in declaring war on the Federation sparking the Second Europan War (EW2).

The Empire sets it's sights on the previously neutral Principality of Gallia which had been keeping out of the war, the reason for the Empire's attack on Gallia being it's rich resource of Ragnite.

Valkyria Chronicles has seen 2 Squeals made for PSP both being set during the Gallian Invasion, the 3rd game receiving a Remake however due to disappointing sales of Valkyria Chronicles 2 in the west, neither version was released, however a unofficial Translation Patch was released on the 25 December, 2013.

2 Anime Adaptations were released, the first released in 2009 was a loose adaptation of the original game while a 2 episode OVA called *Valkyria Chronicles 3: The Wound Taken for Someone's Sake (戦場のヴァルキュリア3 誰がための銃瘡 - Senjou no Valkyria 3: Ta Ga Tame no Juusou) was released in summer 2011 and was based off the 3rd game.

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