Its probably skipped for brevity. In episode 97 of season 2, Bakura offers three monsters as a tribute to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra, just like any other monster he instantly appears. Sphere Mode, as well as the cinematic appearance of the summoning, was probably just skipped because after Joyful Doom's effect a Ra with 0 ATK is not a spectacular sight ...


The 5D's is meant to represent the legendary 5 Dragons (Signer Dragons) that the protagonists (Signers) use in order to fight the antagonists (Dark Signers). These dragons are: Stardust Dragon Red Dragon Archfiend Black Rose Dragon Ancient Fairy Dragon Black-Winged Dragon


A bit of context: A short while before that duel, Kaiba had woken up from his coma induced by Yugi (Yugi had broken Kaiba's mind at the end of the "Exodia game". Yugi had told Kaiba to reconstruct the puzzle of his mind, to remind himself of what was important to him). When Kaiba succeeded in reconstructing the puzzle of his mind, he realized that his ...


The editor of the English Version of the Manga, Jason Thompson stated that the licensing of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga had not been entirely coordinated, so Viz decided to use many of the original character names and to "keep it more or less violent and gory." Thompson said that the manga "was almost unchanged from the Japanese original." Because the core fanbase ...


I honestly can't recall any where he didn't have an 'additional' affect to something, or went and did something impossible for a card game (like smashing the moon against mako or breaking the float ring against the floating castle)... Also pot of greed lets you draw 2 cards from your deck

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