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Could someone transplant the Rinnegan from one of Pain's paths?
7 votes

I have to say NO. My reasoning is based on the time when Tobi is hunting for the Rinnegan after the death of Nagato. After he kills Konan, he finds the corpses of Yahiko (who was also the Tendo's ...

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What motivation did Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori have for joining the Akatsuki?
7 votes

As for the reasons, most of their background stories weren't clearly provided, so I am going to have make my answer with their character portrayal. Hidan - As for why he would've joined Akatsuki, I ...

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Why is SSJ3 shown as tiring to maintain, but SSJ4 is not?
6 votes

This is how I remember it: Goku leveled up to SSJ3 on the other dimension and never really planned to reveal it because he didn't want to show it on front of Vegeta. At this point he would have made ...

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How was the next leader of the Uchiha clan chosen?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Right before Madara left his own clan, Konoha was founded as a place where Uchiha and Senju could co-exist peacefully. After Madara's death, there was no true leader for the Uchiha clan. All of them ...

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In Naruto, what makes a person a genius?
3 votes

I would assume that in Naruto terms it's much more to the perceptiveness and the analytical nature a character shows in adapting to a tougher battle scenario, which rules out characters like Naruto ...

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Where is Orochimaru?
1 votes

Madara has obtained the cells of Hashirama and has them infused into his body, irrespective of what happens to Edo tensei hashirama it will not affect anything with respect to Madara because he has ...

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