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Do people in the anime or manga actually eat Pokemon?
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50 votes

In November 2012, Game Informer got the chance to ask a long-time Gamefreak producer what the deal is with eating in the Pokemon world. Is everyone in the world of Pokémon a vegetarian? Do people ...

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In Naruto, what makes a person a genius?
3 votes

Genius can be defined as a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude. Characters are called geniuses because they don't need to work as hard others to become good at something. For example: ...

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Is turning into stone as a result of waiting for someone for a long time derived from Japanese legend?
1 votes

Stone legends can be found in various cultures, not just Japan. For example, Australia has The Three Sisters, Puerto Rico has The Stone Dog and you can even find this trope in Inca culture. Someone'...

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