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~Some Things About Me~ (that isn't related to anime)

  • Not really important or whatever, but my favorite colors would have to be red and black.
  • I'm a up for a chat any time; I'm pretty talkative if the convo is going well, or if there's actually something to talk. Although, I obviously can't talk a lot if you give me a one worded answer or if there's nothing to talk about continuously. xD
  • I'm originally from Philippines but moved to Australia when I was four.
  • I sometimes like to play netball.
  • When it comes to conversations, if I start asking what are you up to, it means I've pretty much ran out of things to say; lets just hope it doesn't get up to that point. xD
  • I'm not good at answering 'what is your favorite __' questions. The ones in my favorite characters/anime ARE my favorites, but I can't say they are my only or top favorites. Although, most of the time, I could answer questions such as 'who is your favorite characters from __'.
  • I can sometimes be shy and insecure.

~My Preferences, Favorites and Other Things about Anime~

  • I only recently started watching anime, that's why my list is so small at the moment.. ;~; Although, several times from the past, my brothers would show me episodes of naruto and other anime.
  • I wouldn't really tell anyone if they have a bad taste in anime or anything of the sort, because everyone has different preferences and likes; I don't judge by that, most of the time.
  • Despite what I last said ^, I have been watching Pokemon for a long time, way before everything else. I thank my three older brothers for introducing me to it.
  • My favorite genres for anime would have to be romance, comedy, supernatural, fantasy, adventure and demonic/vampire.
  • I don't have a specific rating system, I rate according to MAL descriptions; I rate by how I enjoyed it and how well I thought of the plot/story. I wonder if this makes sense or nah. First anime I've watched as an 'anime' would probably be Vampire Knight; I actually saw this with Fruits Basket and OHSHC in ABC3 a couple years back, and decided to watch it; that's where I started watched anime fo' real.
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