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Young and Stupid

I started programming at the age of 14. Back then i was struggling with PHP. I wanted to learn programming because i was a big fan of the website, and i wanted to make a website exactly like it. Feedex made it possible to play my favorite iPhone App (Kingdoms Live) on the website. I met the creator of the website in the instant messaging application called Palringo. I asked him how he made the website and if he could teach me how to make a website just like his, and as friendly as he was, he helped me out. He told me he did it with 5 languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

I wanna be the very best - Like no one ever was

So he gave me a link to website where you can learn PHP for beginners. I think i followed the same guide around 15 times before i actually understood it (write instead of copy was the key to understanding). When i learnt the basics of PHP, i started on my website, which later got changed to My HTML & CSS skills were poor (mostly just copy-paste), and i didn't know much MySQL, but i got the hang of PHP. My first version of s8dev was badly written, the design was poor, the login was vulnerable to SQLInjection and all user information besides the username/password, was stored in files/folders available for everyone to read. 2 years later and it became the most used website for playing Storm8 games, peaking at 14468 unique visitors per month and 3.1 mil hits per month. [1]

Sad ending - Beggining of a new story

Eventually the creators of the Storm8 games stopped supporting their apps and took the servers down, and so did i...
Now i am currently studying at DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

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