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Is it possible for a genin to become a jonin?
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In the Road to Ninja movie, Naruto tried to get a recommendation from Iruka for promotion to Jōnin, but was refused. Iruka said that Naruto had to become a Chūnin before he could become a Jōnin. ...

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Why was Al still alive after getting his body broken apart by Scar?
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Slicer's blood runes were destroyed, which is what killed him. Slicer had two souls in one armor, so he had two blood runes. Ed didn't know that at first. He only knew of one blood rune in the ...

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why does sasuke have sharingan in both eyes but kakashi only has it in one?
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Sasuke is an Uchiha. He was born with both Sharingan eyes. Kakashi is not an Uchiha, he was not born with any Sharingans. During a mission in his youth, one of his eyes was injured and he was gifted ...

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