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I am a full time Machine Learning Engineer

Have been using Computers since 2008, was introduced to Linux in 2016 while doing my undergraduate course, I run a dual boot configuration with Windows 10 and Arch Linux with bspwm window manager and picom compositor engine. I like zsh 🚀 as my default shell and fish 🐠 at other times. My choice of GUI text editor is vscode but I mostly use terminal editors like vim & neovim + vim-plug since I spend more time there.

I primarily do Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision (CV), Artificial Intelligence and make Recommendation Systems. I also like to contribute to Open Source Projects and work on Linux.

Python, Bash, Lua, Go, C and Perl are languages that I mostly use.

I work with Deep Learning Libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, scipy, pytessearct, gensim, huggingface, BERT, transformers, opencv, pandas, seaborn, bokeh and matplotlib regularly.

Although my device doesn't pack enough juice for Deep Learning, I do half the training on it and leverage Google Colab to get rest of the work done.

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