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16 votes

Why didn't the Saiyajins raise up their power energy?

13 votes

Why was 4th Hokage chosen when the 3rd was still alive and capable?

12 votes

Are people aware of who Naruto's parents are?

10 votes

Why is SSJ3 shown as tiring to maintain, but SSJ4 is not?

9 votes

Could Naruto's shadow clones transport jutsu?

8 votes

Why does Alucard have so many eyes?

7 votes

How old is Alucard?

4 votes

Is it possible to duplicate eyes?

4 votes

At which age are ninjas revived with Edo-Tensei?

4 votes

Is Ichigo technically dead?

4 votes

Why can't Zoro cut Seastone?

3 votes

Mount Myoboku: a different space/dimension?

2 votes

Could Goku have been revived if he really wanted, after dying fighting Cell?

1 vote

How could Madara free himself from the Impure World Resurrection technique, while Tobirama can't?

0 votes

Why does Tobi put up a goofball facade initially?