I've just finished Your Lie in April and the last song at the last part of the episode, not the duet or the performance, when kaori says I love you multiple times, a song is played in the background and when watching the dub the lyrics appear at the top of the screen, I can't for the life of me find that songs name, could anyone help? I like the song and am desperate to know the title and artist. Thanks


I cannot comment in previous answer (low reputation) but Conman is correct


Kirameki (Kousei & Kaori Performance Ver.) | Ver.) キラメキ ~公生とかをりの演奏 Ver.~


I haven't got the episode in front of me to confirm, but I'm pretty sure you're talking about "Kirameki (Kaori and Kousei version)", a piano/violin duet version of the first ending theme. Here is a YouTube version you can check against.

  • I've done a quick check: it's definitely some version of the ED, although I wasn't invested enough into this to check if it's indeed a piano/violin duet.
    – Maroon
    Jan 9 '17 at 7:08

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