Can a level three Squirtle blast a hole through your chest with water gun attack.

What are the actual capabilities of a level three water gun attack. Could they really kill people. Should people be concerned for their lives if threatened by a level three Squirle?


Short answer: No.

Long answer: From what I recall from the anime, several strong Pokémon have to use Water Gun to force a steel plate from a wall, so I can't imagine one weak Squirtle punching a hole through your chest with a Water Gun.

Moreover, there is no way a Squirtle is even able to use Water Gun at level 3 except in gen I. Water Gun is not learned until levels 13 or 7 (depending on the generation), does not pass down through breeding and Squirtles do not learn it through TM's except in gen I. Source, you can check all gens.

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