Does anyone know the correct order to watch My Hero Academia? Every site I try has different ways to watch it, and that confuses me.

So, can anyone tell me the actual order to watch it, including the movies?

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Found below recommended viewing order:

  • Season 1 (13 episodes)
  • Season 2 (25 episodes)
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
  • Season 3 (25 episodes)
  • Season 4 (25 episodes)
  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
  • Season 5 (25 episodes)
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

Source: https://www.samuel-official.jp/hiroaka-eiga-junban

It's been a while since I finished watching until S5, so I did not check the accuracy of above.

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    Note that this order is the same as the broadcast date, which is usually the most logical.
    – Aki Tanaka
    Commented Dec 13, 2021 at 13:37

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