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What are (some / the earliest) maid-slapping Isekai Light Novels / Webnovels?

I've started "This Isekai Maid is Forming a Union!" which is about stopping: Otome protagonists abusing their power, slapping maids, and using them as pawns to do their dirty work. Given ...
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How did "other world" or "isekai" stories gain so much popularity and where do they have their roots?

There are and have been so many stories of that type being released, especially in the light novel or manga section, and I noticed that these stories often follow a similar pattern and have a similar ...
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What sparked the trend of slightly long dark-haired loner-ish protagonists in light novels?

For example, Issei in Highschool DxD isn't really the most popular guy, without many other friends who are guys. Basara of Shinmai isn't shown with a lot of his friends either. Oregairu's protagonist ...
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What was the first anime/manga/light novel to accurately represent Japanese school life?

A common theme in a number of anime/manga/light novels is that the cast are students currently going to school. While some titles use this as a backdrop to show how the cast used to have normal lives ...
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