In Nichijou Episode 0 (OVA), Mio and Yuko are playing a game on the train:

Come at me Mio!

They push and feint at each other but the game doesn't finish as they are distracted by Mai sleeping in the baggage area.

Urgghhh! Phwaa!

How does this game work? What's the objective?

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    It kinda looks like a low key version of Sumo Wrestling
    – Memor-X
    Sep 8 '14 at 22:08

The objective is to make your opponent move their feet or otherwise lose their footing. There are a wide variety of rulesets and variations. This one seems to be pretty basic:

  • Each player stands feet apart with toes pointing at each other.
  • Hands are placed palm to palm, palms of your opponent are the only part of them you can touch.
  • Push or pull your hands to throw your opponent off balance.
  • Whoever shifts their feet first loses.

Some varieties include:

  • Clasp right hands and try and shift your opponent's footing.
  • Push anywhere to shift your opponents footing.

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