I've just watched the Berserk 1997 series and now I'm watching the 3 part (movie?) from 2012. In the 1997 anime series,

When Gatsu sword is broken fighting with Boscogne, Nosferatu Zodd gives Gatsu a weapon to continue fighting.

In the 2012 anime,

Nosferatu Zodd doesnt appear and Gatsu wins the fight on its own

I was wondering how it is the story regarding this in the manga? It's like in the 1997 anime or it's like in the 2012?

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In The Battle of Doldrey Chapter 5,

Zodd throws down a weapon from somewhere up high, which Guts picked up after Griffith yelled at him to take it.

Also, a quick search on the wiki and looking at the notes on Boscogn's character page will tell the same answer.

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