I've seen lots of animes where one of the characters is caught by someone whom interrogates them; an authority of sorts catches them and interrogates them for some reson. However, when they show that character sitting on the chair in the interrogation room, they don't have handcuffs on, but rather, their thumbs are tied with a zip tie. Why? Is there a meaning? It's so weird! Is it common to use zip ties on Japan when you catch a criminal? I'm confused.

No this is not some kinky anine; I don't watch that stuff, it's an action based anime, more specifically, AICO incarnation or something aka that

  • Which episode was this? – W. Are Feb 6 at 7:50
  • 2
    ThumbCuffs used to be a big thing. I imagine you could 'recreate' the effect with zipties. – Dimitri mx Feb 6 at 8:46

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