As of today, the Black Clover manga is listed as "Publishing" in MyAnimeList, while the anime has "Finished Airing" at episode 170.

As of today, how many chapters does the manga have? Episode 170 corresponds to which chapter?

(please don't give spoilers from the manga - I just want to know how much extra story there is in the manga, proportionally)


Well in manga (MangaFox) which I have been reading is of Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

Chapter 272

Edit: Since yuo asked about other Arcs I will list them out below:

  1. Magic Knights Entrance Arc - 10 chaps
  2. Dungeon Exploration Arc - 11 chaps
  3. Royal Capital Arc - 16 chaps
  4. Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc - 19 chaps
  5. Seabed Temple Arc - 17 chaps
  6. Witches' Forest Arc - 28 chaps
  7. Royal Knights Arc - 45 chaps
  8. Elf Reincarnation Arc - 81 chaps
  9. Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc - 32 chaps
  10. Spade Kingdom Raid Arc - Still Ongoing ( I just mentioned till the latest one and not determining it as the final chapter in this Arc)
  • Hello, thank you. And how many chapters are there in total?
    – Pedro A
    Apr 20 at 13:07
  • There are around 290 chapters in this arc and there might be another arc starting soon I guess Apr 21 at 7:05
  • I am confused, is it 290 chapters in total or just in the latest arc?
    – Pedro A
    Apr 21 at 7:28
  • Not in total sorry I should have said it only in the latest Arc Apr 21 at 7:33
  • Thanks. In your answer, you say chapter 272, is it 272 from the latest arc or 272 in total?
    – Pedro A
    Apr 21 at 7:34

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