At time code 21:40 of Episode 1 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, the protagonist Satoru refers to his new life as a slime as a "slife" (sub). I'm guessing there was similar word play in Japanese. Could someone explain what it was? enter image description here

Also, just prior to that he had made friends with a dragon, but as a 37-year-old (former) human, seemed embarrassed to use the term "friends". Does Japanese tend to use a different term than "friend" for adults? I get the impression Satoru thinks the term would normally be used by kids and teenagers.

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It's a play on 人生 (jinsei, lit. human life) with スライム生 (suraimusei, lit. slime life).

'Slife' is an accurate portmanteau here. Since it's Slime + Life.

Friends are friends regardless of age. There are more formal words like 友人 (yujin), but how it's used is circumstantial and highly contextual in nature.


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