I was watching Classroom of the Elite on Muse Asia YouTube channel where I encountered this scene in episode 04 time ~08:22. After seeing this document, president Horikita Manabu started laughing. There's no subtitle nor translator's note about this document.

What is the content of this document?


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The document is a report about the complaint by Class 1-C that was explained in the scene following this.

Rotated and brigthened the shadowed part

President of the Student Council Manabu Horikita
.                       Reporter Student Council secretary
.                               Akane Tachibana

.                    Report

Time of occurrence June 30 around 18:00

Persons involved Class 1-C Daichi Ishizaki   Class 1-D Ken Sudou
.         Class 1-C Kyougo Komiya
.         Class 1-C Reo Kondou

Incident Summary

The incident ​occurred on June 30 around 18:00, located on the 3rd floor of a particular building [...]

Ishizaki, Komiya, and Kondou of Class 1-C students [...]
took an assault from Sudou of Class 1-D students [...]

[this part afterward is unreadable due to low contrast]

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