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The scenes in original anime were filler added by Toei Animation. So the new story does not contradict the original manga written by Akira Toriyama. Also Toriyama had released a manga called Dragon Ball Minus which is the story upto Goku being sent to Earth. In this manga, Goku is shown wearing a saiyan armor and is 3 years old. As the Dragon Ball Super ...


no, it is a evolved form the the original SSB/SSJB (Super Saiyan Blue). This is noted, because of the darker blue around the edges of Vegeta's aura, and the regular SSB has no darker blue around the edges. This new SSB evolved form was never reached by Goku,at least in the anime series of Dragon Ball Super. The evolved form of SSB has the FULL abilities of ...


There is no information as of now regarding this question. However it is safe to assume that there may be some flaws in Moro's draining power. The way or who the power could be absorbed from may play a part in this.

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