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Trunks and vegeta did rage when beerus smack Bulma and for trunks it was kinda a emotional thing when he thought he was weak and couldn’t defeat goku black and zamsu


Toppo was able to use the God of Destruction Mode because he is the candidate to be the next God of Destruction. Vegeta isn’t a candidate, so presumably he cannot make the transformation. Goku also isn’t a candidate for God of Destruction and he was able to use Hakai against Zamasu: After achieving Perfected Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is able to perform the ...


Mostly because the villan in the show are more powerful and if they use more power while in fusion like against Zamasu they ran out of time even with buu he was Vegito was stronger but Being stronger than someone and beating them are two entirely different things. If both Buu and Vegito were to fight, the battle would initially be lopsided in Vegito’s favour ...


There is an answer for this in the last manga chapter (#72) (Spoilers)

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